The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 17, 2012

Conversation needed

Daily Item

---- — I am shocked. I am numb. I am sickened. I am horror-stricken. The mass murder of children in Connecticut is almost more than I can bear, especially coming at this time of year. I cannot imagine how people will cope with the coming weeks, especially those with a hole blasted in their hearts by this senseless act.

What will it take, how many deaths will it take, before the American people take it upon themselves to have a reasonable and rational discussion about the role of guns in our society? I want a discussion-- not an argument, not a debate, not a rant -- but a reasonable, respectful discussion, about this issue. It must be We the People who initiate and hold this conversation, since it's obvious that our elected officials are so cowed by the gun rights folks that they cannot.

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I believe in the Constitution. But here's the bottom line, in my opinion. Unless We the People can have this discussion and come up with a way to stop these senseless acts, sooner or later, someone in authority will say Enough! and the order will go out to round up all the guns and ammunition, and there will be a civil war. The American people, those who own guns and those who don't -- all of us -- will lose. Those in authority have the manpower and the firepower on their side.

Wayne Laepple,