The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 17, 2012

Ban video games

Daily Item

---- — The dust had not yet settled over the tragic scene of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut when President Barack Obama, many Hollywood actors/actresses and liberal news readers were calling for "significant action" in the form of gun control. If they really want to do something "significant," why not immediately impose gun control on all future movies and video games?

When one looks at the video games and the pure filth and garbage coming out of Hollywood that young people today are subjected to, it's no wonder kids are numb to death, violence and destruction.

Surf your television channels and see just how many murders and other scenes of mutilation, death and mayhem there are. Look at the most popular video games over the past years -- all involve the mass slaughter of others. I speculate that the bedrooms of these mass shooters contained a small library of violent video games and movies. Hollywood and video game makers are poisoning the minds of our youth and yet these hypocrite Hollywood "elites" are calling for the banning of firearms. Yes, Obama we need "significant" action, and I recommend it be taken immediately with a total gun and violence ban on all movies and video games.

Steve Hobart,