The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 4, 2013


— I read an article in The Daily Item called Grime-fighters. This article is about a group of window cleaners called the Performance Services Inc., who clean the windows of many Geisinger hospitals in the area. This group of men dressed as Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man repel down the side of the hospital and wash the windows.

There is nothing like seeing a smile on a child’s face and that is just what they are doing when they wash the windows. This is truly a wonderful thing they are doing for the children. It brings their spirits up and makes them cheerful, especially the ones who are there for a serious illness and in the hospital for a while. I also believe it can make them feel safe and protected from all the bad things going on in their lives.

I fully support what they are doing for the children because it puts smiles on children’s faces and possibly cheers them up even if it’s only for a short time. We should support them by spreading the word to other hospitals around the country. Another way we could support this act of kindness is by getting more people involved and maybe help this to go nationwide.

If you ever want to make a child smile, think about dressing up as a superhero and tell them that everything will be OK.

Kelsey Herman,

Selinsgrove Area High School