The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 9, 2013

Emotional aftermath

The Daily Item

— I read the article on how Northumberland County had 60 children get new parents and the wonderful, outstanding work they do, but somehow it was a one-sided story. Did these children lose their parents to an accidental death or of natural causes? Maybe it was because they were taken away by Children and Youth Service case workers who didn’t know their job or the laws guiding the requirements in which a child can be removed according to Title 23, 42, 55.

But then, this is Northumberland County. If children are to be removed it has to be proven by facts and not speculation or a caseworker’s opinion, so a new word is now being used and that word is “safety.” Safety does not indicate a life-threatened state, but does speculate an unknown condition that is to leave doubt to the court to decide taking the children and CYS. The county may have given the kids new parents and physical things their biological parents could not; because of being poor but not from being loved. What about emotional aftermath when the children finds out the truth as to the real reason they were adopted, but to prevent that from ever happening, the records will get lost or misplaced or the children will be told that you cannot see the records, keeping the truth well hidden in court systems, denied by law, for fear of what a child may do or become, when the truth be known.

CYS, keep up the good work, for you are making some adults happy parents. After all, isn’t that what you are to do? Make people happy even if it destroys a family due to speculation and not facts.

Paul Leese,