The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 7, 2013

Materialism taking over holidays

The Daily Item

— With the holiday season in full bloom and the Black Friday weekend completed, one of the thoughts I took away from the weekend was the embarrassing over-emphasis on material items by shoppers across the globe (Canada celebrates Black Friday as well) during the holiday season.

With more and more companies opening their doors on Thanksgiving night all over America for their Black Friday sales, as opposed to the traditional early hours of the following day, it is taking more and more people away from their families on Thanksgiving, a day intended to be spent with family.

All throughout the day on Thanksgiving, commercials for various stores could be seen all throughout the day on virtually every television station serving as a constant reminder for people to break away from their families in order to purchase a material item at a low price. Is materialism now taking over our country?

Is getting a tangible item more valuable than the intangible memories created with your family on a holiday?

While everyone is guilty of wanting material items, is it worth sacrificing time on Thanksgiving in order to get a product that will likely be on sale the following year anyway? Over the holiday season it is important to remember what the reason for the season is about: celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with the ones you love, not receiving gifts.

In today’s society there is a growing emphasis on the need to get the best product on the market when in reality, the need for the lavish products such as flat-screen televisions that are featured on sale on Black Friday are simply a “want”, not a “need.” In the end there should be no further want or need during the holidays than spending time with your family.

Why allow Black Friday and materialism to interfere with the purity of Thanksgiving? The focus on Thanksgiving should be on what you are thankful for, not what you are later going to be shopping for.

Brant Houghton,