The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 1, 2013

Limit terms, pay

The Daily Item

— This is in response to Carlyle W. Westlund's letter to restrict campaign amounts. I highly agree. We should also have term limits, no more each elected office holder, than two, four year terms. This should include all offices nationwide, including judges. They should not have 10-year terms. Westlund says salaries should be cut 25 percent. I also agree. The wage disparity in this nation is obscene and disgraceful.

“Free” health insurance the last 30-40 years was not free. If a worker getting $20,000 per year in industry or public service got $5,000 in insurance for greedy insurance companies, the next year it was $6,000. He or she did not get on the paychecks

It has to stop somewhere and federal government was the only one big enough to stop it. The chomp takes way too long.

Ray Pfleegor,