The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 12, 2012

GOP's $6M fiasco

Daily Item

---- — I applaud Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson's decision to stay the Voter ID law. With such short notice, many voters would have lost their right to vote, those being the handicapped, the elderly, etc. This was a political ploy by Tom Corbett and the GOP to disenfranchise the biggest majority, Democrats, from being able to vote, of course giving the GOP the needed edge!

Governor Corbett and the GOP should be ashamed of themselves! What was the matter with the old way? It was too simple I guess. But to cut education and outreach, $6 M could have been better spent not laying off teachers!

Well, I hope this political ploy that didn't work to sway the election turns around and bites the GOP in the butt, which is what could happen!

To spend that much money, taxpayer money, I might add, for a whim, is disgraceful. I only hope you die-hard. Republicans, open your eyes, because it is your children that are being affected by these cuts to education. We, Democrats, welcome your switch with open arms!

Albert Golfieri,

White Deer