The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 12, 2012

Vote them out

Daily Item

---- — "Tab for ID law: $3.7M" your 7 Oct. headline reads! Just so! On how much better good for the public at large might these funds have been spent than this cynical attempt by the Republican party to suppress Pennsylvania voter turnout and obstruct of the will of the people?

Respect for our legislatures is at its lowest ebb in decades.

The disrepute engendered for these houses accumulates daily, nationally and statewide. Democracy depends on the consent of the governed - where the presence or absence of that consent is voiced only by free and fair elections, not those manipulated for the benefit of select incumbents.

Voter-suppression and obstruction attempts to secure a false mandate by those already in power trumpets their corruption and unfitness to serve the public. Vote them out!

John Cooper,