The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 25, 2012

Gas prices

Daily Item

---- — I feel the need to clarify some "facts" about a recent letter to the editor in the Sunday paper. The writer was disputing two recent letters that claimed the price of a gallon of gasoline dropped to $1.60 or $1.85 a gallon near the end of 2008.

I happen to have my gas receipts for the last four years. Here is what I have discovered based on purchases made from local stations:

n Oct. 13, 2008, Turkey Hill, Sunbury, $3.09 gallon;

n Nov. 1, 2008, Sheetz, Selinsgrove, $2.519 gallon;

n Nov. 17, 2008, Short Stop, Kreamer, $2.199 gallon;

n Nov. 30, 2008, Sunoco, Sunbury, $1.899 gallon;

n Dec. 13, 2008, Sunoco, Sunbury, $1.799 gallon;

n Dec. 31, 2008, Short Stop, Selinsgrove, $1.659 gallon;

n Jan. 4, 2009, Sunoco, Sunbury, $1.659 gallon.

After Jan. 4, 2009 the price began to increase.

Yes, this is an important election, as any election is, and for many reason other than the high price of gasoline. Our country is in a decline spiritually, morally and economically.

God may choose to bring our country through this if we are obedient to his word. He my also allow us to continue down this path of destruction and we will get what we deserve. The choice is ours.

Ruddy Walter,