The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 31, 2012

Women voters

Daily Item

---- — I would like to address all women of voting age. Years ago, women were not even allowed to vote. They had no say in political matters and elections. Some women did not feel that this was a fair law. After their appeals were ignored by the courts, they took to the streets to demand their God given right to help choose the leaders of this great nation.

These women were taunted and hated. They were pelted with rotten tomatoes, eggs, garbage and even a few rocks. They were called many terrible names, most of which could not be published in this fine newspaper. Among these names was the Suffragettes. Have you heard of them before?

They won the right to vote for themselves and for us. Now we owe it to ourselves, and them, to get out and vote. But before you vote, learn the facts. Learn what the candidates stand for and against. Check their voting records. Listen to their speeches. Then make an informed decision and make your voice heard and make your vote count.

Joan V. Catherman,