The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 21, 2012

Run toward gunfire

Daily Item

---- — Gunfire? What gunfire? Where? When? Why? The reporting of the horrendous slaughter of children and teachers at Newtown, Conn., has revealed some important facts. It's reported that both the school principal and counselor, upon hearing a commotion at the school entrance, "ran to the gunfire."

Now it's common knowledge that our fighting men, Navy Seals and Special Ops forces are trained to run to the gunfire, but school teachers? Unfortunately, their courageous and instinctive action to protect the children cost both of them their lives.

Now, since two public school employees apparently had the intelligence and courage to 'run to the gunfire' to try to protect the students, I'd like to question those individuals who are directly responsible for the social environment that permitted this latest tragedy.

I'd ask our esteemed leaders Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Holder and Boehner, "When was the last time you personally ran to the gunfire?" We are all very well aware that, as our government leaders, you will all take every opportunity to run your mouths and utter meaningless platitudes about how great a job you're doing. Unfortunately, the results consistently contradict your words. Perhaps it's time we took a lesson from the Brits and simply dissolved Congress and put them all on the streets looking for another job, without all their exorbitant pensions, benefits and perks! Their replacements might not be any better, but our current leaders have adequately demonstrated that any replacement certainly could not be worse.

W. Richard Stover,