The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 21, 2012

Mental health funding

Daily Item

---- — I have read various responses to the heart-wrenching child slaughter, some calling for stricter gun control, some for more prolific gun availability, and others for concentration on mental health. This letter focuses on the mental health issue, for at a time when it is most needed, its availability is being emasculated. Read the headlines:- "Corbett Budget Slashes $168 million from Mental Health," "Budget Cuts for State Mental Health Programs Leads to Crowded Emergency Rooms" and "Ryan Budget Decimates Mental Health Funding." (Mostly done to save millionaires a few bucks).

When you prepare apples for storage for future sale, you find that the more you invest during the storage process, the fewer rotten apples there are when you sell them later. This, however, is not the criteria used in the reckless cutting of mental health resources and availability, cutting done by the numbers, not the need, not the effect on citizens. Where will that lead us?

In addition to other shortcomings marked by this tragedy, it really did highlight that the welfare of our country is indeed dependent on the welfare of each one of us.

James Swartz,