The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 17, 2013

Plenty of impact

Daily Item

---- — On Dec. 11, The Daily Item ran an article about 100 low-income housing units to be put in Monroe Township. After attending the township meeting the day before the article was published, I found the article very accurate.

I am not in any way opposed to low-income housing. I am just afraid the residents close to the units will be greatly affected. There is no doubt that 100 units of low-income housing will decrease the value of the homes near it, especially those just across the road.

Property value is not the only thing that I am afraid will go down. The development right next to the units is a very safe, affluent neighborhood with many young families with children. I am afraid that no matter what type of units they are, low-income or not, the safety of that development will be greatly jeopardized with the addition of hundreds more people within mere feet. Monroe Township doesn't even have its own police department; they rely on the state police.

Another issue facing Monroe Township is the sewer. As it is right now, those living in Monroe Township are not allowed to use their garbage disposals because it is too taxing to the sewer. Imagine what would happen if 100 units with two or three people in each unit were hooked up to this sewer?

In addition to that, the roads near the units, particularly Mill Road, cannot take any more traffic. Traffic on Mill Road has drastically increased over the past few years. The road was not built for that.

There would be a constant need for repair not to mention the fact that the more cars there are, the more likely accidents are to happen.

As I stated, I am not in any way opposed to low-income housing. I just cannot figure out the logic behind putting this particular group of units where they want to have them.

Jackie Waple, Selinsgrove Area High School