The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 28, 2013

Timely and trenchant

Daily Item

---- — Dr. Pat Bruno's recent "My Turn" column in The Daily Item on childhood experiences was both timely and trenchant. Dr. Bruno wrote knowledgeably about how children who experience some form of trauma or disassociation at an early age, without fully functional families or good support systems, exhibit behavioral difficulties later in life.

Paraphrasing some of what he wrote, these children develop less than normal social coping skills that affect their concept of self, confidence, learning abilities and socialization, to name a few. This surely translates into the classroom where such children face difficulties.

Teachers who must keep 30 or more students occupied and interested in learning every moment of a seven-hour day, must now also be a corrective parent and therapist to a child with problems, while keeping the other 29 children engaged.

In addition, not all IQs are created equal and children display different skills in different areas. To expect all children to learn the same things at the same pace with the same achievement results is a concept conceived by those out of touch with the classroom.

Vincent De Cerchio,