The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 8, 2013

Is history repeating itself?

Daily Item

---- — The date was July 17, 1952, the last day of a great council in Albany, N.Y., that had lasted many days. In attendance were the colonial ambassadors of the colony and the chiefs of the Iroquois Confederacy.

The latter had been in existence for more than 200 years and it was the strongest group of Native Americans in the east. The colonial ambassadors were attempting to convince the Iroquois to ally themselves with the British in the attempt to drive out the French and take control of the North American continent. At the same time, the French were attempting to gain allies among the various tribes to drive out the English.

On this day, Scanandoa, an Oneida who was by far the oldest and certainly the wisest of the chiefs, arose to address his fellow chiefs.

In an eloquent speech, he told them how both the French and the English approached the various tribes with gifts and promises, pretending to be their friends, but in truth, only wanting to use them to help destroy their enemies. He warned his fellow Iroquois that no matter whether the English of the French emerged victorious, the victor would then turn on the Iroquois and drive them from their lands.

No one paid much attention to him, but he was right. Within 30 years, the Iroquois Confederacy was dissolved and within 50 years the Iroquois had lost virtually everything.

Today the American people are in the same position as the Iroquois were in 1752. Those who are attempting to woo us are not foreigners. Instead, they are called Democrats and Republicans.

They both pretend to be our friends and and entice us with gifts and promises, albeit of a different kind. It is not their intention to destroy us, but unless we wake up that will be the result.

Unlimited power in the hands of the progressives who dominate the Democratic party would destroy us by the year 2050.

Unlimited power in the hands of the Republican party would take longer, but the result would be the same. We would become a nation of grinding poverty, unemployment like we have never seen, riddled with crime and unable to defend ourselves.

Half of the population of voting age is addicted to foolishness. As long as they have their staged "reality" shows, the Kardashians, WWE Raw and People magazine, they are happy. They have no interest in the future of the country and are too lazy to think about it. About 40 percent of registered voters will vote Democratic no matter what and about 30 percent will vote Republican no matter what.

Of the remainder, most will cast their ballors for the smoothest talker who can convince them he's the nicest guy.

Too many politicians of both parties care most about getting elected and re-elected. They sponsor poorly-written legislation to score political points and never consider the unintended negative consequences.

Much legislation does little to solve problems and the unintended consequences create other problems.

Will we ever wake up and see the light? Nobody wants to think about the unthinkable but it is past time to start, and to act. Otherwise, we will pay a terrible price.

Carl R. Catherman,