The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 8, 2013

The ebook is better

Daily Item

---- — In response to Megan Baker's article, "Just a book," I disagree with her opinion. An ebook is much better than a book. She must have never had one, because she doesn't know how much better they are.

There is no comparison between them -- the ebook is better.

First, ebooks are better because they are a dictionary at your fingertips. Unlike a book, if you don't know a word you can look it up right on the ebook. This can increase your vocabulary, which for a student like me, could be very helpful. Also, ebooks are environmentally friendly, which means they save trees.

Another great thing about ebooks is that they are portable. For people today who are always on the go, this makes it easy to purchase a book when you don't have time to go to the store to buy one.

The ebook is also lightweight. It can hold many books -- instead of carrying a bunch of books with you, carry an ebook. In future technology, an ebook could be very useful. School students carry many textbooks around all day. Imagine if they had an ebook, holding all their books in one?

Finally, in this day of technology, the ebook will appeal to many people in a way the traditional book will not. This could encourage people who might not pick up a book to read. Therefore, the convenience, portability, and environmentally-friendly ebook is really the way to go.

Books will never go away, but the advantages of an ebook definitely outweigh its counterpart.

Kyler Balliet,