The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 17, 2014

Corruption in college sports

The Daily Item

— I’d like to comment on Gary Fincke’s article from the March 29 issue. He made a statement about football players earning a quality education on a scholarship. My research has proven different.

I differ with you as far as unions getting into college football to represent the players. I think they served a purpose at one time but not anymore. I don’t see the union truly representing the players because they will get wrapped up in the flow of money as well.

Sports Illustrated conducted a five-year investigation into college football programs. It’s amazing what humans do for money and fame even when it destroys the life of someone else. The NCAA is just as much a part of this corruption as the colleges. The kids that participate in sports possess a gifted talent but education is not a talent and must be taught even if it takes additional tutoring. I encourage everyone to read Sports Illustrated’s article about Oklahoma State.

If you care at all you will be appalled at what you read. If Penn State was sanctioned to the extent it was for the Sandusky debacle then why are these schools overlooked? I don’t condone Penn State for what happened but if it is punished then so should all the rest for their corruption.

Clair Moyer,