The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 29, 2013

Looking for heroes

Daily Item

---- — Sometimes, you just know an idea is right and true. You have no doubt. It's logical beyond question. You can feel it in your blood and bones. You'd be willing to swear to it. It seems irrefutable and it is so solidly, wholesomely good that any notion to the contrary seems just wrong.

Preserving and conserving 227 acres of almost pristine wilds in Mayberry Township for the public welfare is just such an idea. It's a no-brainer.

I remember the absolute awe and astonishment that swept over me when -- as a teenager -- I first viewed the Beaver Dam from the overlook on Sharp Ridge Road. I was astounded that such a breathtaking, thrilling view lay hidden so close to my Riverside home. It looked absolutely prehistoric ... like "a land before time."

My family roots run deep here in the heart of the Susquehanna Valley. I am a direct descendent of Danville's founder, General William Montgomery. Another forebear was the first president of the First National Bank. My grandmother was the daughter of Rufus King Polk, a Danville iron mill engineer who was elected to the US House of Representatives. Her sister -- my great-aunt -- married Dr. Harold Foss, the physician selected by Abigail Geisinger to "make (Geisinger) the best."

If my forebears were alive today, I am convinced they would weep at the way humanity poisons the air and waters and wreaks havoc upon our environment.

But our little corner of the globe for the most part has been spared. It's where I ran barefoot as a child, and I've walked back and forth over the Susquehanna River bridge so many times that it came to be a frequent feature in my dreams. Living here amidst all this beauty has been such a gift. We here in this valley have so much to be grateful for!

Right now, we do have a heroic and a decision to make. If we unite together, we can preserve a huge chunk of blessed ground for all Montour County/Central Susquehanna Valley-ites for generations and generations to come!

Judi Brandt, a dear friend, is spearheading the effort to guarantee that this land will be preserved for the public good. Brandt also hails from Riverside and has lived and worked along Roaring Creek during her entire adult life. Now she is working tirelessly to promote the cause and find funding to enable the non-profit Roaring Creek Valley Conservation Association to buy this piece of land at auction on June 1.

We are looking for heroes! There is an urgent need for people who love this valley and have funds to spare to contribute substantially to the cause. Please realize that you can make an impact that will last long into the future! Contact Judi or me and make a commitment.

What will Montour County look like 100 years from now? Will it be just another example of urban sprawl? Or can we pass on a magnificent legacy to our children's children? Please take action. Be a hero. Help us find the money to make this dream a reality for the good of all!

Call Judi Brandt at (570) 356-7084 or me (Elizabeth Richie) (570) 275-2691 to help us save this pristine ecosystem in our midst.

Elizabeth Richie, Danville