The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 29, 2013

Corporatists, not conservatives

Daily Item

---- — While we all are capable of hypocrisy, the Republican members of the Pennsylvania House are demonstrating hypocrisy on the most audacious level. They and their friends throughout the country are always preaching to us the virtues of free market, corporate capitalism. They are always telling us that we need to eliminate regulations and government and must get out of the way of the "job creators." Despite all this rhetoric, we see again efforts by these hypocrites to take our tax money and give in to the very same corporations that they so highly praise.

The Republicans in the state Legislature have introduced a whole series of bills to promote an increased consumption of natural gas. Isn't that the responsibility of the industry: to promote the sale of their product? In the great gas rush to exploit our state for gas from the Marcellus Shale, the industry overreached and drilled too many wells and the price of the gas has plummeted reducing their profits.

Now our Legislature and governor want to come to the rescue of an industry that has generously donated to them. Why should our tax dollars go to an industry that exploits our people, land, air and water? Why should we give our money to multi-national, multi-billion dollar, highly profitable corporations?

These fine legislators will tell you they are trying to help create more jobs in our state. Yet the promised projections of great numbers of new jobs has never materialized.

We never hear how the destruction of Penn's Woods has affected jobs in the recreation, outdoor, hunting, fishing, and woods products industry and will continue to hamper these industries.

Whenever clean energy industries like solar and wind or environmentalists push for legislation to help these industries, we hear from most of these friendly hypocrites that they don't want to play favorites in the energy sector.

While "jobs" is one of their arguments for corporate welfare for their benefactors, they fail to recognize that the wind and solar industry provides up to three times the number of jobs that the gas industry provides per kilowatt hour.

The simple fact is that most of those who call themselves conservatives are really corporatists who support the corporate-dominated government we now live under.

Jack D. Miller,