The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 23, 2013

Stop electing obstructionists

Daily Item

---- — The editorial in the Daily Item on Aug, 20 was an excoriation of the sad state of the Northumberland Country Prison and holding people responsible. However, this is a problem far beyond what is done or not done at that facility.

The point was made it is a prison and has never been designed as a treatment facility. Other incarceration facilities have been recently targeted for the mistreatment of the mentally ill. Again, they were not designed for that particular service.

The problem has its roots in statements made by Ronald Reagan and his ilk indicating government is the trouble and repeated in echo chambers incessantly through the years by media.

The idea that we can solve a problem with the treatment of the mentally ill with volunteers, donations and endowments is at best naïve and short-sighted. We have the propaganda machine repeating the statement about the evils of "big government"," another inaccuracy and canard.

There is no big or little government-solution. It is about effective government, period.

One important factor in a civilized and safe society is the protection and care of our most vulnerable citizens. Instead these people are homeless, incarcerated, put on buses out of their home states with one-way tickets to become someone else's problem.

The solution: stop electing the obstructionists. Why would someone elect a person to government who hates government?

Stop listening to the hysterical rants of the far right; most of what they say is inaccurate for the most part and is designed to fear monger.

To keep a society safe you don't do it by having lots of guns, you do it by something called a social safety net and things like affordable education and health care. What kind of people would go out and protest against health care that will be better than they have now -- which often is none at all -- and would actually bring the costs down.

These people have been misinformed and because of this they repeat stuff that has very little basis in anything factual. And how moral and ethical are those venues that feed this misinformation and exaggeration to people? It is beyond shameful. We need to build the U.S. back up and one important thing is the care and the protection of the most vulnerable.

Don't listen to this "government is the problem" nonsense. It is likely those people who advocate it are those who make large amounts of corporate welfare available by depriving the most needy.

Alexis Fasolka,

Marion Heights