The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 28, 2013

Raising a child, then and now

Daily Item

---- — When I was a child we all looked forward to growing up and becoming adults. My world then consisted of getting up, playing sports or games with other kids, eating and then going to bed to start all over again the next day.

My parents took care of my needs, protected me from harm, clothed me, mother fed me and my father taught me the rules of survival. Mother saw to it that I didn't eat any junk food, for there was very little of it. When I played with other kids when it was time to eat we all went to the house that was having the best food. The extra kids that came to the house were never turned away, it was just one more mouth to feed.

My father taught me how to fight for what I believed in and stand up for my rights. But be sure you are right before you fight or the next meal would be a hard one to digest for it may turn out to be crow. He showed me how to help others. He told me that if I got into a fight or was being bullied to fight back and if I came home crying I would be punished for not giving the individual a taste of his own medicine.

I grew up by "living and let live." My father wanted me to understand that life has bumps and bruises. If you make a promise, keep it so others will learn to trust you. If you make a commitment, you fulfill it and learn by your mistakes.

That was then and this is now. Now we put children in a bubble like the television series "Under the Dome." Those under the dome are excluded from the outside world and limited to local surroundings. We protect them from physical and mental pain, for we don't want them to experience it. We send them to school to learn history, science and math, but when they graduate none of what they learned applies to the real world.

We give them mechanical devices to work out math problems and electronic devices to correct their mistakes. We teach them to be athletes and to perform for others.

Life has no meaning and man serves no purpose, for we came from being savages to civilized, so now it is time to go back. How long as it taken to reach the starting point? Does this mean when we get back to the starting point we won the race, or are we just getting ready for the next group of children to become adults.

Paul Leese,