The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

September 3, 2013

Who just blinked?

Daily Item

---- — OK world, it's fairly obvious: His Majesty Barrack Obama just blinked!

After all his bellicose ramblings about his red lines in the sand and his vocal determination to punish those responsible, now he's discovered that he stands alone in the world arena and has folded his tent and crept away into the night.

His blustering about conducting warfare on "his personal volition" apparently caught up with him and he's suddenly discovered that the world is a very lonely place when everyone else is against you.

He's now going to Congress, with hat in hand, to seek "permission" to conduct war. Excuse me, hasn't that requirement always been quite plain in our Constitution? As a reputed "constitutional scholar" one would have thought he should have recognized that his consistent "executive order" end runs would be intercepted by the opposition, sooner or later.

Now let's all listen carefully to the furious back pedaling demagoguery which will ensue over the next few weeks while the administrations minions attempt to spin his myopic blinking onto a wide open and clear eyed vision of his plan to save the world from all those nasty people!

W. Richard Stover,