The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 15, 2013


Daily Item

---- — Well I'll be darned! Yep, right there it is in Saturday's Daily Item (Nov. 9)! Right there on the opinion page! My favorite far left professor writing a piece about trust. Is it Professor William Penn of Michigan State or David Guth of the University of Kansas, both socialist crazies? Nope, but you may be close! About time someone wrote concerning Obama's healthcare lies!

No! Wait! How can this be! It's a trivial and ridiculously poisoned "expose'" about Rand Paul's, so called, plagiarism! Really? I, for one, don't see the difference between what Paul did and someone with someone regaling readers with regurgitations (or as I like to call certain creative political writings-induced sputum) from MSNBC.

Unfortunately, this paper chooses to publish the just plain garbage of followers of Saul Alinsky and other socialist cretins. (And if you teach, you even get your picture put in. Gee.).

Thomas Green, Selinsgrove