The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 15, 2013

How little changed

Daily Item

---- — As a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, I've been a registered independent since I was first eligible to vote many years ago. While I've never missed a general election, our state remains one of a very few in our nation where independents are forbidden from voting in the spring primaries -- so entrenched are the two major political parties in the Keystone State.

I've prided myself in voting for the individual who I believed would best fulfill the office for which they were running. I would never pull a straight party lever based on political affiliation.

In some way my decision to remain a registered independent dates back to a remark one of my political science profs made that I'll never forget: "A Democrat is someone who wants to save everybody from everything at any expense, whereas a Republican only wants to save themselves."

How little has changed over the 45 years.

John Walsh, Lewisburg