The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 28, 2013

Defined by hypocrisy

Daily Item

---- — We recently came to the brink of the cliff of a government default, and by their votes Rep. Marino and Sen. Toomey demonstrated that they were happy to send us over that cliff. They and their really right comrades are so invested in their political philosophy and re-election, that they were willing to sacrifice the economy of the country and the well-being of us all. These people are not conservatives. They are reactionary, mean spirited, selfish, thoughtless, corporatists that are willing to put their personal politics ahead of the good of the country.

We as a country have many problems to solve, but we can't even begin to solve them because of the ridiculous right of the Republican Party. John Boehner isn't a leader, he is controlled by the most reactionary wing of his caucus and puts his retention of the speakership ahead of the good of the country. They are committed to destroying the presidency of President Obama with no concern that in so doing they hurt the country.

The give and take of politics doesn't include political destruction. They are as dangerous as religious extremists in their obsessive belief that they have the keys to all that is right. They have no respect for what little we have left of a democratic process by their inability to accept that Barrack Obama was the winner of the last two elections. They seem to lack the understanding that Democrats have been elected to control the Senate.

The months ahead offer nothing but the same as we have already experienced.

I agree that we should get better control of our debt situation, but their only solution is to burden the poor and the middle class more. Heaven help us if we would ever ask the rich to do their share.

They want to further cut important government services and cut programs that help feed the families of the working poor who are exploited with low wages by our economic system. They prefer to take food out of the mouths of poor children and the elderly rather than increase the share paid by the rich. Meanwhile, they vote to give billions of dollars of subsidies to oil corporations, the most profitable corporations in the world.

In the upcoming months don't expect them to close the loopholes that the rich and their tax lawyers use to avoid paying their fair share. Don't expect them to do anything about the corporations that make billions in profits and pay nothing. They certainly won't do anything about the corporations that have a mailbox on some island and call that their headquarters.

Expect them to continue to tell their lies, half-truths and misrepresentations of the facts. They tell us we should reduce the taxes on the rich so more jobs will be created.

The ridiculous righters never allow facts and knowledge to get in the way of their ideology and their fight for the rich, the powerful, and the corporations. They will continue the fight to create and even greater plutocratic-fascist government while they talk about rights and democracy. They are defined by immense hypocrisy.

Jack D. Miller,

Center Township, Snyder County