The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 30, 2013

Modernizing the prothonotary office

Daily Item

---- — Based on 20 years experience as a legal secretary and office manager and her 13 years of experience working with the Union County court system, Cynthia Wray has the knowledge and experience to run the clerk's office accurately and efficiently. Equally important, she has the work ethic to do so.

One of Cynthia's goals if elected will be to begin the long overdue process of modernizing the prothonotary's office. For example, documents will be scanned when they are filed, which, among other things, will save time and money when providing documents to interested individuals. Cynthia will also bring back the local "mailboxes" which will not only enable many litigants to receive orders without undue delay, but will also save considerable time and postage that are now paid by the county.

I know, from working with her for more than 13 years voting for Cynthia Wray will ensure the services of the clerk's office are provided in a timely, professional and friendly manner.

Stephen F. Becker,

Lewisburg attorney