The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

October 30, 2013

Justice proceeding

Daily Item

---- — Recent coverage by The Daily Item has left some readers with the incorrect impression that the wheels of justice have ground to a halt in the Snyder County courts. I write to clarify the record: other than jury trials, all criminal matters are proceeding as scheduled. The judiciary is indeed taking steps to address its current budget issues, including postponing any jury trials until the new year. However, no victims are going without justice, no county inmates are being prematurely released, and no defendants' speedy trial rights are being violated as a result of any trials being postponed.

In the end, budget concerns will not control whether cases are prosecuted in Snyder County. As district attorney, my duty is to follow the evidence wherever it leads, especially in cases such as the Seebold homicide where a grand jury also reviewed that evidence and recommended prosecution.

Careful to fulfill my duty in a fiscally responsible manner, I will continue working with the commissioners and the judges so we may anticipate and budget for expenses whenever possible.

Michael Piecuch,

Snyder County District Attorney