The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

September 24, 2012

Romney's policies

Daily Item

---- — As the election approaches, my only decision has been whether to vote for President Barack Obama or the Green Party candidate.

I will vote for President Obama because the thought of Mitt Romney as president frankly is enough to give me indigestion. Mr. Romney's economic plan is the same as that of President George W. Bush. When asked what the difference was he had no answer. He wants to deregulate Wall Street. Why would we think the results would be any different? You may not be happy with President Obama, but we haven't fallen off an economic cliff as we did with the policies that Mr. Romney advocates.

Since the economics of Milton Friedman have taken hold with the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the wealth of the country has been steadily moving from the lower and middle classes to the wealthy. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are acolytes for this economic school. The Ryan budget, which Mr. Romney fully supports, cuts taxes for the rich and corporations and eviscerates programs to help people in the middle, the poor and the elderly. Mr. Romney wants to cut taxes for the rich and eliminate tax breaks for the middle class. Mr. Romney favors corporations over people.

Mr. Romney and radical right members of Congress believe that corporations should be allowed to dump their wastes into our air and water. Corporate profits trump public health in Mr. Romney's view. Mr. Romney fails to comprehend the serious threat that climate change and global warming present to not only our country but also human civilization. The threat is real. Even the Pentagon has come to this conclusion. There is little debate by those informed about climate change that it is happening and it is the result of man's activities. The negative effects of changing climate are happening faster than many predictions.

Finally, my greatest fear of Mr. Romney as president is in foreign policy. His comments and actions of the last few weeks have only reinforced this fear.

Jack D. Miller,