The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 7, 2012

'Vicious' coverage

— People always say government should be run like a business. This sounds reasonable, but wait a minute. What multi-million dollar business, after less than a year of providing an essential service to its shareholders, after hitting every one of its budget and performance targets, and after receiving nothing but praise from its board of directors, would be the subject of an ominous editorial and “gotcha” article insinuating a need for proof of that business’ right to exist?

It is commonly accepted wisdom that it takes at least five years for any new business to make a profit — if we’re running government as a business, shouldn’t a new governmental agency get that same grace period? Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both strongly believed in freedom of the press (and so do I), but they also both described the press as “vicious.” Your recent editorial and article about the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department show that their description still fits.

Trey Casimir, Lewisburg