The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 20, 2012

Healthy advice from the "Biggest Loser"

By Francis Scarcella
The Daily Item

HUMMELS WHARF — After winning the 2012 NBC hit television show, "The Biggest Loser," by dropping more than 200 pounds, Jeremy Britt continues to put himself through a rigorous exercise program because, well, he’s addicted.

Britt, 23, of Michigan, recently made an appearance at Planet Fitness in Hummels Wharf to promote healthy living and exercise and said he wanted people to understand that losing weight can be easy if you have the will power.

"When I was on the show, we would work out seven days a week," he said.

"It was 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., non-stop at times."

Britt said one of the biggest things he learned was eating healthy foods will make you healthy, even if you have to force yourself to change.

"I hated vegetables before I went on the show," he said. "And now that’s all I eat."

Britt said the first step is cleaning out your system.

"It’s tough when you are used to the foods you like," he said.

"Then you have to change your diet and start to look more and more at what you’re putting in your body."

Britt learned to get away from packaged foods and move toward fresh foods.

Experts say the best way to food shop is shop the perimeter of grocery stores.

"They are right," he said.

"That’s where the best foods for the body are."

The worst thing a person can eat is fast food, he said.

"Who doesn’t like it?" he asked. "Everyone loves it, and it was one of the first things I guess I missed, but I learned to just stay away from it."

Britt said after he began to learn eating habits, he then started to learn work out routines.

"We started on a treadmill to get loose," he said.

"That was something in itself because we used muscles we weren’t using a lot."

Britt said as he gained more and more stamina he would begin to jog.

"It went from walking to jogging, to running, to sprinting," he said.

"It was a nice progression and I recommend that to anyone trying to lose weight."

Britt went from 398 to 190 pounds in six months ended up losing the most weight and winning the hit show’s grand prize of $250,000.

He worked at a bank before attending a casting call with his 24-year old sister, Conda. The siblings were selected to participate and Conda finished third for the 2012 season by losing 115 pounds.

"We wanted to lose this weight and we wanted to get healthy," he said.

"The one thing we learned is how to do it. The next thing we learned is we have to do it."

Britt said anyone interested in losing weight should get a on a schedule provided by a licensed trainer and then find the best methods that suit the individual.

"I was at 12 hours a day sometimes just working out," he said. "I am now down to 90 minutes a day and I have found my own groove for what works for me."

Brit said he became addicted to watching his weight drop, but he understands how some people can turn that addiction into something more serious — anorexia.

"It could happen," he said.

"I know I was looking and watching all the time to see how much I was losing but you have to stay in control and do things the healthy way or the changes can be for the worse."

The best advice Britt said he could give individuals looking to lose weight was simple "Do what is best for you," he said.

"You know that fast food isn’t good and you know that vegetables are. It is all up to the person and how much and how bad they want to lose weight and become healthy."