The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

June 14, 2014

Remember me: Reynaldo Adames

By The Daily Item

MILTON — Name: Reynaldo Adames

High School: Milton

College: Allegany (Md.)

Class: Sophomore

Major: Undecided

Sport: Baseball

Notable: Batted .344 with four home runs and 24 RBIs this season. Also stole 16 bases

Why I chose Allegany: “I loved coach Baz (Steve Bazarnic). That man taught me a lot about the game in the last two years and he made it seem like a second home. I enjoyed the campus and everything around it this year because I knew more people. Another reason why I wanted to come to Allegany was because I knew that Allegany was going to get me ready for the next level ... to be able to play at a D1 or D2 school with a scholarship.

“The next two seasons I’m going to make it count, just like the last two. I hit .321 my freshman year and .344 my sophomore year and now I’m heading to Texas A&M International University this fall (a Division II school). But I’m getting ready for that already because I know that the pitching is just going to keep getting harder and harder.”

Biggest adjustment to collegiate athletics: “Probably working on my hitting and bunting ... a little bit more, because after my freshman year (no home runs and fewer than 20 RBIs), I told my brother Raymond Adames (who’s also at Allegany) and my uncle German Evangelista that I have to work harder on my power and drive in runs so I can have a better season my sophomore year.”

Biggest surprise about collegiate athletics: “The biggest surprise about the collegiate game would be the pitching speed, because I wasn’t used to seeing pitchers throwing 90 and up almost every day in high school. It was the hardest transition. And the more I started playing with a bunch a guys who loved the sport and enjoyed playing the sport as much as I do, I learned something new every day. It was a learning process.”

Advice for prospective collegiate athletes from the Valley: “If you want to play college baseball, don’t give up. Keep chasing your dream and work harder than anybody on your team because college is not like high school — you can be the superstar on your team in high school, but if you don’t put in the work, you won’t play the field at all in college. Play with heart every single game! College ball is not easy! Make the Valley proud of yourself just like I’m doing! #RepresentTheValley