The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 19, 2013

Brewery turns on The Big Mean Sound Machine tomorrow

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz
For The Daily Item

— WILLIAMSPORT -- “When you play with so many people like we do and everyone knows how the other members in the band perform, it’s like you’re running with a pack of animals. It becomes so meshed together and you’re all going in the same, fast direction. It’s an amazing experience.”

With the sound of a fire truck wailing in the background, Angelo Peters, one of a multitude of players in The Big Mean Sound Machine, shouts into the phone once more, “It’s amazing.”

The 25-year-old multi-talented and multi-tasking musician, who works his magic on the bass, synthesizers, organ, percussion and guitar, is standing outside during a break from work as he enthusiastically describes the band and their show tomorrow night at the Bullfrog Brewery.

“Our shows are unlike anything you have seen before. Nothing compares to our shows, our style and the type of music we play,” he said. “Since our music is so different, you could take 10 people from the audience and each one of them will have a different interpretation on what they hear or experienced.”

Noting that the band’s style of music is hard to describe since it must be felt and experienced, Peters said world music with a strong African influence along with a jam and dance vibe should give a hint at what to experience.

Although unique, one-of-a-kind, fresh and different are overused terms many bands use to describe their music and style, few live up to the claims.

Those terms and many more would not do justice for The Big Mean Sound Machine or its members that can range from eight to 13 players turning out wild dance music that has a strong afro-beat with an assortment of other musical styles thrown into the jamming mix.

And what‘s thrown out and absent from their gigs are vocals.

“Our music is all instrumental. No lyrics, no vocals, just the pure sound of the different instruments working together,” he said. “Since the music is like that, it opens up the opportunity for people in the audience to form their own interpretation and not be swayed by the lyrics.”

Formed four years ago, the band is a melting pot of different cultures and experiences that all influence the group’s sound and vibe which Peters noted is music that makes you want to dance, even if you don‘t dance.

“We’ll have people, both young and old, come up to us after a show and say they haven’t danced in years, but our music got them out of their seat and got them moving,” Peters said. “Our shows are like a party and our music is like nothing you have ever heard.”