The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 11, 2012

Trio spices up Skeeter’s music scene

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz
For The Daily Item

SHAMOKIN DAM — Like a tall, cool glass of moonshine, Nate Myers’ music packs a powerful wallop that leaves your heart racing, your head spinning and a longing for more. Much more.

With his towering frame, basement deep voice and inked skin, Myers cuts a daunting figure that is only further amped up when he grabs a mic and lets forth a fiercely intense stream of energized vocals offset by the blistering hot wail of his trusty harmonica.

Tonight, the searing sounds of Nate Myers will echo off the hills above Shamokin Dam when the area native and Harrisburg-based music maker and front man for the band Nate Myers and the Aces, spices things up at Skeeter’s BBQ with a newer hybrid of music from the Nate Myers Trio.

“We’re using this trio to help us grow. This type of show requires a different approach from the electric band. It has some limitations that we’re learning to adapt too and it also has some freedoms that we’re exploring,” said Myers as he was getting ready for one of his dozen plus gigs this month. “We’re playing some of our music, writing new music for this format and playing cover songs that mean a lot to us. We hope that the trio shows our love for all roots music and good song writing, be it our material or the work of other artists we love and respect.”

Helping create this new sound — a mix of rockabilly, country, blues, originals and covers — will be Pete Netznik on acoustic guitar and bass along with expert drummer Dan Jones, each drawing from a wide array of musical styles and adapting them in their own strong way that represents their talents and skills.

“Music has been a great source of stability in my life, after my family and faith it’s been a constant over the years that I lean on,” he said. “Music has also been a great source of joy and, at times, a great source of frustration. I’ve learned a lot and hope to learn a lot more as the years go by. In a nutshell, it’s made me a better person and helped me develop some quality relationships.”

Myers, a regular performer at Skeeter’s noted the venue always offers a good time and a lively crowd that appreciates an eclectic mix of music and musical styles from old school rock, blues, rockabilly and some old-time rock tunes from a long ago era.

“I’m fascinated with the past, music, old cars, motorcycles and artifacts. I’m a yard sale and flea market junky,” Myers said. “I love the stories that go along with the artifacts and I never get rid of anything. I’m a bit of a hoarder but I come by it honestly!”