The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 22, 2013

Lewisburg man uses his noodle for SpaghettiOs cupcake song

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz
For The Daily Item

— SpaghettiOs will never sound the same.

When amateur foodie George Potor was in the mood to sing about food, he whipped up a ditty to honor a recent culinary creation that grabbed his interest, stirred his emotions and perplexed his inner chef.

The culinary curiosity wasn’t for wild boar with kiwi chutney or even a new way of stuffing a bird. The brazen recipe was for orange-hued SpaghettiOs cupcakes with Velveeta frosting.

Saucy and cheesy, the recipe boldly laughs in the face of conventional cooking while blazing a trail into a world where cheese is considered the fifth food group.

“When I first saw the recipe I was amazed. I never heard of or ever thought of anything like this. It’s processed food with more processed food made into something even more processed,” said Potor, a Lewisburg resident and musician.

“I knew right away I had to write a song about this recipe. This was the second time I created a song about food. Once I started to put the song together it started to come along pretty easy.”

With lyrics like “Scrape the bottom of the bowl. Beat on medium for two minutes more till its smooth enough to soothe your soul,” he’s created a tune fairly reminiscent of a folk-infused song from Peter, Paul and Mary minus any references  to magical dragons or flying jet planes.

“It was a lot of fun putting the song together and working together with some members from my band to get the music just right,” he said.

The recipe was developed by Becky McKay at the popular website Foodbeast, which Potor happened to come across. Soon this singing chef turned the recipe into lyrics that were blended into a song that’s a bit corny, a tad goofy and one of those crazy tunes that once heard becomes seared into one’s memory — for an annoying, long time.

With the help from his band, DePotorLand, he put the finishing touches on the tune and shortly afterward an article about the song  landed on Bon Appetit Magazine’s website,  a true honor for the former social studies teacher at Lewisburg Area High School.

“A reporter for the magazine contacted me and said he liked the song and asked me a few questions about putting the song together,” he said. “For someone that is into music and cooking, it’s pretty amazing to see the story on there.”

Potor’s first food-infused song was a little number called “Delicious Meat-shell Pie” in honor of another processed food experiment that was made with canned soup.

“It would seem like I specialize in satirical songs about food, but so far I have only written two,” said a jovial Potor, in a voice meant for crooning about canned pasta and cheap cheese.

Although Potor has recently sung the praises of SpaghettOs cupcakes, his discerning palate has prevented him from whipping up a batch of them. “I don’t know, it’s difficult to imagine what the cupcakes would taste like with them topped with processed cheese. I haven’t tried them and I don’t think I will, however, the photo of them on the website did look nice.”

When it comes to pasta, Potor sticks to his own which he makes by hand and serves with a tantalizing array of sauces.

No canned noodles here.

When he’s not busy making music or creating songs about cheese-topped cupcakes, Potor, a vegetarian, loves spending time in the kitchen with his girlfriend, Terri Peterson.

“I love to cook and I love trying new recipes. I try and eat as close to the ground as I can, so there are lots of fresh vegetables in my cooking,” he said.

One of the couple’s favorite dishes to prepare is a savory butternut squash pasta sauce with homemade pappardelle, a succulent blend of tastes and textures that is as far away from SpaghettiOs and processed cheese as possible.

Check out Potor’s music on Soundcloud