The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 7, 2013

Singer finds his way to stage

By Tabitha Goodling
For The Daily Item

NORTHUMBERLAND — Six years ago Alex Koble sat along a dusty road strumming his guitar and singing inside the grounds for the Christian-music festival, Creation, in Mount Union. He wasn’t on the main stage or one of the performers; he was a patron and concert-goer enjoying another year of outdoor heat, camping and Christian music.

As he sang that June afternoon, someone commented, “one day Alex will be on the main stage.” He laughed and then said he felt as if he should remember the moment.

On June 29, he remembered that moment from 2007. Koble, of Northumberland, now 23, stood on the main stage and performed his music before thousands.

Koble is the one man band/group behind the name Allistair. As an employee with a Christian venue, Life Love Music, which sells T-shirts, his boss Scott “Bubba” Brown knows everyone there is to know in the Christian music business. And when a Creation performer cancelled last minute, Brown knew the musician to put on the stage.

It’s not easy, though, to get on that particular stage.

“I would say yeah, it is pretty rare to have that opportunity. Usually you have to win a major contest or something. Or God can just bless you out of the blue like that. ..”

Koble has been making his music — which he describes as “pop, dance, rock” — since his teen years and recently released his first EP. His job with Brown has helped him get in front of crowds to promote his career.

“In exchange for my services, Bubba is mentoring me and assisting me in meeting the right people to further my music career. He even schedules me for small gigs at some festivals along the way.”

This experience at the Agape Farm in Huntingdon County was no “small gig.” Thousands from across the east coast flock to the site for an experience often noted as similar to Woodstock for Christians.

The 2008 Sunbury Christian Academy graduate said his time on stage was “great.”

“It felt like I was supposed to be there, and I was doing what I was supposed to do. It was just very fun. I just act like a fool on stage, and that’s easy for me. And it was definitely something different. I haven’t experienced something quite like that before. I had two giant video screens on both sides of the stage. So while I performed, they were playing my music videos of me smashing an ice cream cone in my face to thousands of people….”

Koble said he can cross Creation off his “to-do list” and now aims to one day be on such a stage, equal to the professionals.

He said he feels Christian music sometimes gets behind musically in its appeal and style and he is aiming to change that. “There are a few game-changers rising up that are winning Grammys and making Number One on iTunes and Billboard though. I want to be a part of that. ..I  want to hit the Top 40 chart. I want the general market to see us setting trends and try to keep up.

“Plus, I want to always be weird, a little crazy, and to always have fun.”