The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

November 7, 2013

Duo brings acoustic sounds to Skeeter’s

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz
For The Daily Item

— SHAMOKIN DAM -- On their own, Kimbo Reichley and Bryan Noaker are exceptional musicians of varying talents within the local music scene. As a duo the two musical mainstays create a vocal pairing that has no equal.

Sunday evening, Skeeter’s BBQ welcomes Kimbo and Bryan back to the stage with three hours of non-stop music that showcases the act’s strengths as vocalists and guitarists, with no prearranged set list to pin them down to a cookie cutter type show.

“Although the show at Skeeter’s is two guys doing an acoustic show, we really get to whaling out some tunes like ‘Pride and Joy’ better than if it were performed by a full band,” said Reichley during a recent interview at his music studio in Lewisburg. “I play with The Blind Chitlin Kahunas and Bryan plays with The Ann Kersetter Band, so the duo is a totally different sound for both of us. It’s a bit simpler and basic. It’s very comfortable and relaxed.”

Performing a mix of originals and covers, the two take on a groove-infused mishmash of tunes from such iconic musicians as The Beatles, Lyle Lovett, and John Hiatt.

Utilizing Kimbo’s distinct and husky vocals and Noaker’s impressive acoustic guitar work on many songs, they produce a down-home style of performing that weaves together elements of smoky blues, Americana and classic rock.

“Bryan is an excellent vocalist, so our sound builds upon really strong vocals,” Reichley said. “We’ll perform tunes that are really familiar and then drag back some songs from the past and give them a try. Our shows are always  very open, free and a lot of fun.”

For many years Reichley has been one of the most admired and popular performers in the local music scene due in part to his ability to change and adapt to a wide array of musical styles and instruments.

From the bass to mandolin, upright bass and keyboards, Reichley is one of those musicians you remember long after the music has stopped playing.

“I’m a musician through and through. I love making music and performing with others. Even if I am alone in the studio, I’ll often pick up a guitar and start playing a few tunes,” he said. “Back in the late 1960s, I had to be the only kid that was on the football team at Selinsgrove and also in the district chorus. Music is an important part of my life and always has been.”

 At 62 years of age, Reichley’s music has only become more intense and more selective.

“Now that I’m older I have become more selective with my music. I think that’s a benefit of getting older. I play where I want to play and not run after every gig I could get,” he said. “It’s like — do I really want to drive 90 minutes to play a three-hour show in Canton and drive back home in the middle of the night? My music now is what I want to do, and where.”

And that music will become stronger with Noaker’s skillful playing and spot-on vocals.

“The show at Skeeter’s will be a good time with a lot of great music and a lot of really good food,” Reichley said before breaking into a hearty laugh. “I sound like an advertisement, but it’s the truth.”