The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 29, 2013

Kix will kick up the volume in Hummels Wharf

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz
For The Daily Item

HUMMELS WHARF — Music gets a real kick in the pants this Saturday when music goes back in time with the in-your-face, wild party boys of Kix returning to the area for what looks to be another sell-out performance.

On Saturday night, the Maryland-based 1980s mega rock band Kix will headline a triple threat of a show at The Wharf in Hummels Wharf for a wild night of music that will also include the Florida-based rockers Modern Superstars and the local sounds of Holy Hannah.

“This is going to be, as with all our shows, a party and high energy Kix show our fans in Pennsylvania expect. It’s a chance to let loose and just have a wild time and hear all your favorite music we have done over the years,” said Kix band member Steve Whiteman. “We always have a blast when we play up that way and have been playing that area ever since we started. In fact, when we first started out, we were relentless when it came to playing at different venues in that area. We built a strong fan base who encouraged us and to this day they still do.”

Known for their powerful and highly energetic stage presence that has taken them around the world, Kix has recently played gigs in Hollywood, Las Vegas and a boat rockin 1980s cruise to the Bahamas.

“We just got back from the cruise and it was amazing. The people onboard were going crazy and really getting into the music,” he said. “It was even difficult for the band to catch some of the other ’80s bands that were playing since we were either playing or we would get swamped with fans as soon as we left our cabin. It was a wild time.”

That wild musical time has grown over the years for Steve and his fellow band mates, saying their music has become stronger and their appreciation for what they do and their fans has never been higher.

During their hard rocking career, the band has produced such jam packed albums including “Blow My Fuse,” “Cool Kids,” “Midnite Dynamite,” “Hot Wire,” and “Thunderground” under such noted labels like CMC International, Atlantic Records and East West Records.

Their most popular singles include the hard driving “Don’t close your eyes,” “Blow my fuse” and “Get it while it’s hot.”

Serving as opening act will be the Florida-based Modern Superstars and their modern dose of old-fashioned rock and roll.

“We have played with Kix many times over the years, probably something like 50 times, and I got to say those guys are awesome. They put on such a high energy show that is non-stop from start to finish. Kix has such a tight sound when they play it sounds like you’re listening to a CD. So with us on the bill and the other band, this is going to be one intense night of wild music,” said Ryche Green, drummer and vocalist for the Modern Superstars. “For our part in the show we’ll be playing a lot of retro, rock to get the crowd going. We really give it our all and when we’re playing we want to make sure the crowd is having a great time.”

With an old school style of playing hard and dirty rock music, Modern Superstars has been impressing audiences across the nation with its  party-hardy style of playing that finds them touring some 250 days a year.

“Being out on the road so much can really be hard, but when we get on stage and the crowd gets going, that’s what we thrive on and what keeps us going back for more.”

With a style that hints of Bon Jovi meets Van Halen, Modern Superstars describes their music as searing vocals and cutting guitar riffs that leave the crowd wanting even more.

“This is going to be  an amazing show that people don’t want to miss,’ said Travis Fisher of Fisher Promotions. “This area first fell in love with Kix way back in the ’80s and they continue to support the band and can’t seem to get enough of their high energy shows. Plus we’ll have two excellent band, Modern Superstars and Holy Hannah, helping to get the crowd energized.”

Doors will open at 6 p.m. with Holy Hannah preforming shortly afterwards at a side bar area at The Wharf. Doors to the main room will open at 7 p.m. for Modern Superstars followed by Kix two hours later.

Tickets can be purchased at any Surplus Grocery Outlet, through Fisher Promotions or at the door the night of the show, if tickets are still available. Last year the show was a total sellout.

“This is not an experience you want to miss. Last time we played up there about a year ago, it was an amazing and fantastic experience,” said Whiteman. “This weekend’s show will be even more intense and wild.”