The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

May 5, 2013

Artist puts paint to canvas for 8 decades

By Karen Blackledge
The Daily Item

DERRY TOWNSHIP — Stella Lucille Fasold loves to paint.

Fasold, known by her middle name, started doing oil paintings when she was 9 years old but recalled beginning to draw at about age 8.

“I moved to painting and it kept spreading from that age on,” said Fasold who has been painting 83 years. She turns 93 in October.

“Nobody taught me. It just grew on me,” she said.

In past years, she has exhibited some of her works at the annual Spring Thaw Art Show in Danville.

She paints a variety of subjects including cats, scenes including Amish life and still life. Her kitchen displays some oils of cats, kids and an Amish buggy, a boat and a lighthouse and a pitcher with apples and grapes.

She also points out she painted all the walls and ceilings throughout her house. Fasold also painted the words “give us our daily bread” over her stove.

“I’m not happy if I’m not busy. I’m always decorating,” she said.

“If my husband and I went out, I would do sketches. He’d sit and I’d paint,” she said. “We’d go places and maybe take a picnic,” she said.

She has done some self-portraits as a little girl and in mid-life.

“I’m kinda giving up painting,” she said, showing a number of her works sitting in the room where her easel is.

Many of her paintings hang throughout her home in Derry Township.

Her studio walls include a ship with sails and a water mill.

In her living room, she displays a picture of a church and a bridge over water similar to a Thomas Kindkaide work. Hanging above the fireplace is her lily pond work.

“I was always a busy person,” said Fasold who also upholstered some of the furniture in her living room. She made the flowered covering, complete with pillows, on her sofa.

More of her paintings are in her bedroom. She also points out she painted the furniture in that room. “It was dark,” she said of the now white furniture. It wasn’t too long ago she added a border below the bedroom ceiling.

Before she married her late husband, Donald Sr., she worked in an office in the Montour County Courthouse. She has two sons Donald Jr. and James who live nearby.

“I enjoy it. I’m not one who can loaf. I always had quite a bit of ambition. I started as a child and never quit,” she said, adding she has slowed some through the years.

“But I still go,” she said.

And that includes maintaining her home. “Up until a few years ago, I had all the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas and in the summer to swim,” she said.

She still swims in her pool. “I’m in it every day it’s fit,” she said.