The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 15, 2013

Condo gets board approval in Millheim

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz
For The Daily Item

MILLHEIM — If you’re hankering for some old-time country music with songs of woe, despair and tales of the wife leaving town, the dog getting fleas and the motor falling off your tractor, Elk Creek Café in Millheim is not the place for you Saturday evening.

If, however, you’re in the mood for some upbeat country tunes that speak of love, life and having fun, Millheim should be on your radar to experience the country, rocking sounds of Erin Condo and the Hoofties.

 “I would describe my music as country, but not the type that is cheesy or really depressing. It’s more fun and energetic,” said singer and songwriter Erin Condo during a recent phone interview as she seamlessly answered questions and dealt with a frigidity Booker, her son who turned 1 that very day.

“It’s odd but I have been playing more since Booker was born and I noticed my music has changed a little to become more rock and very upbeat, and that’s what people can expect Saturday when the band and I play at Elk Creek. It will be very high energy, good times that make you want to dance.”

Music fans will also get the opportunity to see Condo’s biggest and yet smallest fan, Booker, who typically attends all of his mom’s gigs or, as they are known around the Condo household, her side hustles.

“I’ve been making music for about 12 years now. I sing, write my own music and play guitar. Lately I’ve been using an electric guitar, so the shows can get really loud and fun,” she said.

“When I play with the band we always have an amazing time.”

Condon noted that writing her own music providers an outlet for self-expression, a chance to speak her mind and sing about the trials and tribulations of a 30-something-year-old in Central Pennsylvania.

And when you throw in the Hoofties, the musical experience is taken to the next level.

So just what is a Hoofties and why is the band called such a name?

According to Condo, the name is part Pennsylvania Dutch in nature and part inside joke that only the band would understand or appreciate.

Recently the Millheim rocker earned rave reviews for her part in a performance at the State Theater in State College that focused on woman in music.

Even speaking with Condo, one is quickly impressed by her voice that can be both powerful and empowering yet retain a downhome charm.

The State College music scene has seen and heard a lot of Condo since she often can be spotted around Happy Valley performing at numerous venues where she will entertain the crowd either as a solo act, a duo, a trio and a quartet.

“I’m pretty versatile and can easily adapt to performing music in different way and with different people.”

Although her fellow cohorts in music reside in the State College area, Condo would like to perform in Lewisburg once she lines up some gigs.

For now she typically performs about four times a month and will soon start work on a long anticipated second album.

“Making music is a very gratifying experience and I love being able to play music and give people the chance to have fun and relax,” Condo said. “It’s been a while since I have performed at the Elk Creek Café, so I am really looking forward to it. They always get a good crowd and have a good time. And for the people who have heard me play before, I’ll be playing a lot of music they know and some new things as well. So it will be a lot of dancing and a lot of music.”