The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 11, 2013

Farley taps into the Danville music scene

By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz
For The Daily Item

DANVILLE — In the realm of live music, there are bands that entertain, some that are overgrown background noise and a few that are a rare hybrid of music-makers with the souls of showmen who take music to the next level of intensity — grabbing your attention and not letting go until the last note reverberates off the walls.

Farley is that type of band.

For music fans in the Valley looking for a strong musical fix this week, the Americana and rock-infused band will provide all of that and more tonight at the Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville.

Four musicians and one great show equals musical euphoria.

“I suppose what sets me apart as a songwriter would be that I don’t try to write music to fit a certain genre or to sound like what’s out right now,” said Tim Farley, singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band. “I just write from the heart and let the music lead me. Therefore, by default, the music we make has its own voice that is translated through the prism of us.”

Original tunes and a wild mix of covers fill the band’s playlist that captures the group’s indie rock style spanning all sorts of styles, genres and eras.

The musical mix draws listeners of all ages — from the college crowd to the folks searching for some fine tunes performed with a passion for music.

“It’s always exciting to play for new faces, especially when you can see that you are making a connection. I think that walking into a room full of strangers and playing is a lot more telling of your abilities than playing for a room full of friends and family,” he said. “Strangers don’t have any preconception and feel no loyalty, so they are usually a lot more honest in their reactions.

“If you ever wondered if you’re a good musician or performer, go out and play for a group of strangers. They’ll let you know.”

And the response the band has received has been impressive both here and across the Atlantic where Farley toured Ireland last July.

In addition to pocketing multiple awards and nominations for their energetic music, Farley was recently nominated for Best Alternative Artist of the Year in the Artists In Music Awards in Hollywood.

The band, fronted by Farley, a Danville resident, also includes Matt Jaffin providing vocals and drums, Jim Reynolds with vocals and spot on guitar playing and Mike Krebs rounding out the band on the bass and additional vocals.

“The band is based in Danville on paper, but in reality it’s much more complex. I live in Danville, Matt lives in Berwick, Mike lives in Norry and Jim lives in Scranton,” Farley said. “We rehearse in Berwick, we record in Wilkes-Barre and we play all over. It’s hard to nail it down really.”

One thing that is not hard to pin down is the band’s dedication to music and all that independent bands bring to the world of music and to venues on a local level.

“People should go see any show and support the local music scene. Period. If they come to ours, that’s great,” he said. “If they go see another band, that’s fine too. Just support the local musicians so we can keep making music for you to hear.”