The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 8, 2013

Social engineering

Daily Item

---- — I have been following with interest the position taken by the United Way with regard to withholding donated funds to the Boy Scouts of America based on their position concerning gay Scouts and leaders.

I have, in past years, served with both the local Boy Scout Troop in Selinsgrove and past United Way boards. This letter is not to express a position either way concerning the gay issue with the Boy Scouts of America, my concern is with the United Way board of directors and their newly adopted position of Social Engineering.

Today their mission is gay tights but what's in store for the future, perhaps funds being withheld based on religious views, a position on abortion, gun rights or immigration. I fear the United Way board has opened Pandora's Box!

In the interest of transparency I feel all future United Way solutions, written or oral, should have a disclaimer advising donors that their contribution may, at the discretion of the board, be withheld from being distributed to any participating organization until they meet the social engineering goals of the United Way board of directors. Prior to my retirement, I attended many United Way presentations promoting payroll deduction contributions through my employer and never once did the United Way presenter disclose that my contribution could be withheld from any of the participating organizations. The United Way Board is comprised of many hard working volunteers and I commend you for your dedication to our local communities but Social Engineering should not be a part of your mission statement. To many, your actions border on social bullying, it has the appearance of the current political positions in Washington D.C.: Our way or the highway.

Jim Charles, Selinsgrove