Eight new volunteers join mediation center

From left, front row: Taishiana Tsosie, Amy Ershler, Mary Sholley, Meg Martin, Julia Snyder, Katie Scheib. Back row: Jane Brockman, Mark Morgenfruh, and trainers Susan Jordan and Jim O’Connell.

SELINSGROVE — Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center has added eight new volunteer mediators to its roster following a recent 40-hour training held in Selinsgrove.

New volunteers apprentice with experienced mediators at the center, which mediates conflicts for residents of Snyder, Union and Northumberland counties.

The center now has 39 active volunteer mediators.

“It’s quite amazing to see a diverse group of people come together and embrace the work that we do at the mediation center. Training more mediators always seems to me to be true grass roots peacemaking. Peace is only possible if it’s between individuals. There are now eight more people in our part of the Susquehanna Valley who can help make this an even better place to live. I am very grateful to be part of an organization that takes its volunteers so seriously,” said CSVMC co-founder, Steve Jacobsen.

Much of the center’s work focuses on child custody disputes, and Union and Snyder county courts refer most custody litigants to mediation.

The center also helps parties with conflicts involving eldercare, parents and teens, neighbor disputes, landlord-tenant relations, business disputes, among others.

Anyone seeking mediation services can contact the office at 570-374-1718 or casecoordinator@csvmediation.org.

For more information about the center, visit www.csvmediation.org or email questions to info@csvmediation.org.