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May 5, 2014

First Cronut and now Wonut!

There was a time when people obsessed with food kept relatively quiet about their gastronomic fascination. If a "foodie" started boring someone with tales of an exotic new steak rub, that someone could either tell the foodie to cram it or politely walk away.

Sadly for society, social media sites have allowed foodies to amplify their meal-centric lifestyle and drive the rest of us batty with endless photos of food, descriptions of food, critiques of restaurants and rich tales of bold chefs who've uncovered counterintuitive ways to use chard. (Whatever that is.)

So it was with great discomfort that I read this recent headline in Chicago: "'Wonuts' the latest Chicago foodie sensation." Wonuts, if you must know, are a combination of a waffle and a doughnut.

I am a strong supporter of both waffles and doughnuts, and I certainly hold no grudge against Alex Hernandez, the chef at Waffles Cafe who decided to morph the two breakfast staples into one. I'll even give him credit for coining a clever name: wonut.

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