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April 25, 2014

What you missed recently at Daily Blast: Cookies, Guess Who, Borderlands pre-sequel

We collect and add to the doofier parts of the Internet at the Daily Blast. If you haven't visited in a while, here are some of the items you might have missed:

Headline This

Congrats to Cheyenne Seidell and her winning headline of “give me all the cookies, and the beard doesn’t get hurt.” Think you can do better? Write the best headline to this week's photo and win a gift card.

Sports photos

We recently added a section featuring The Daily Item's best sports photos of the week. Check them out.

Guess Who?

This week's mystery guest is an "Air Force brat," born in South Carolina who raked in his college spending money working with the grounds crew at Frosty Valley Country Club. Can you Guess Who?

Gaming news

-- One of the best franchises of the XBox 360 generation, Borderlands, is getting a pre-sequel on the moon.

Did you know?

-- Indiana is where the Gatling Gun, and American Olympic icon Mark Spitz were born.

Odd news

-- A defendant drove a stolen car to his court appearance.

-- What say you? "Ruff!" German Shepherd called to jury duty.

-- Have no fear, the Easter Bunny will deliver again, thanks to Northampton rescue crews.

-- Gross! You want that in a bowl, cone, waffle cone or ... Veggie Cone?

-- Professional eating contest training? Nope, just a mayor visitng all 24 restaurants in town.

-- This browser extension will figuratively replace "literally" with "figuratively." Nailed it.

-- A would-be thief wielding a potato was chased away by a bat-wielding manager.

-- A sticky-fingered thief was done in by a half-eaten cinnamon roll.

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