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April 4, 2014

What you missed recently at Daily Blast:: Where chainsaws, wootzes and bad school photos collide

We collect and add to the doofier parts of the Internet at the Daily Blast. If you haven't visited in a while, here are some of the items you might have missed:

Odd news

-- A tree trimmer got a chainsaw blade stuck in his neck.

-- After harrumphing through $200 in change, Millcreek Township says no more coins.

-- A former costumed crime fighter in Michigan has more probation to serve.

-- It's like the start of a bad joke: A farmer, his sheep and some tourists are at the Louvre ...

-- A stenographer's gibberish may cost court 30 convictions.

-- Does this professor ever shut up? No, not really.

Don't forget to slop the wootzes

-- How's your Pennsylvania Dutch?

Cam of the Week

Get disoriented easily? Have a fear of heights? You may want to open a small YouTube window to watch this rock-climber at the Milton Rock Gym.

Photo contests

Still can't live down that bad school photo? You're not alone. Vote for the worst school photo.

Hey, girl, how much do you resemble mom?

Can you write a good headline for the photo attached to this post? There could be $10 in it for you.

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    There he was, this 66-year-old grandfather of four, hanging 200 feet above the jungle canopy, under which may have been slithering boa constrictors, Burmese pythons or the odd tarantula. “If I fell down,” this resident of Montour County says, “I’m in there dealing with bugs and snakes and whatever.” His goal earlier this month was to hang on

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    1, 2, 3 ... . This Lancaster County native’s job was to count every Allegheny Mountain dusky salamander he saw in every square yard of that expansive swamp off Interstate 79 in Crawford County.

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