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July 9, 2013

Aphasia center members support each other with club after facility becomes inactive



“You’ve got to create a new life,” she said. “When you’ve got people helping you, who are the same, it’s so much easier to take chances.”

Fisher said she was not yet certain how many of the center’s 10 to 15 members would attend the first meeting this Friday.

The club does plan to continue the singing lessons that Petrus started. Songs tend to help coax words out of the minds of people with aphasia when regular speaking does not, said Fisher. While she is not certain of the science behind it, she does know that “when they’re singing, the words come.”

The club is still figuring out some of its specifics, said Fisher, but plans to keep growing and maintaining the social circle begun by Petrus. “We won’t stop now that we have people’s attention,” said Fisher.

The new club has Petrus’ full blessing.

“I think it’s wonderful. It’s a way to continue the mission despite the fact that we won’t have a full-blown center,” she said. “I’m very proud of them for continuing the mission this way.”

While Petrus said she was not certain what the future would hold for her, she was still “considering future options” for the Aphasia Center. “I definitely want to continue to be involved…in the role of a speech therapist,” she said.

“All of us are so thankful that Robin created this,” said Fisher. “If it hadn’t have been for Robin, more than likely this wouldn’t have happened.”


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