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June 5, 2013

Art teacher leaves last legacy at Liberty Valley



The message Bruce wants to impart on her students is that everybody has the capacity to be an artist. “Kids say to me, ‘When I grow up, I want to be an artist.’ I look at them and say, ‘Honey, you’re already an artist, just grow up.’”

The tiles won’t be the only work Bruce and the fifth-graders leaves behind, though. Using about 3,000 marker caps, the fifth-grade students are creating a picture made by gluing the differently colored marker caps to poster board. Placed together, the caps create a design containing a rainbow, a paintbrush, a colored wheel and the phrase “All Kids Create.”

This project, which began in April, was designed to show the students that a cooperative piece of art can be just as rewarding as a solo piece, said Bruce. The kids created the design all on their own, she said, so they could feel they had ownership of the project.

Bruce plans to hang the composition in the art room.

Bruce hopes whomever her replacement is will continue offering legacy projects for future classes. “It’s such an inspiration for children coming up the ranks,” she said. “I’ll miss it.”



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