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October 9, 2013

Despite residents' objections, PennDOT approves Danville crosswalks

DANVILLE — Despite an objection over some of the new crosswalks on Mill Street, borough officials said PennDOT has approved them and they await final inspection reports.

Fred Stoner, president of the Danville Area Property Owners Association, told Danville Borough Council Tuesday night people will trip over some of the hazards created by the crosswalks.

He said hazards range from one-half inch to 6 inches high.

He invited the council to check out the crosswalk at the Danville Post Office where the edge of the crosswalk is 2-and-a-half inches high and directly adjoins a raised area that can pose problems for partly blind or disabled people.

“In this day and age with lawyers, the borough is going to get drawn into it when a landlord gets sued,” he said. “Please go out and take a look at it.”

Code Administrator Jackie Hart said the state has certain accessibility requirements that must be met. PennDOT applied for approval for variances for some crosswalks, she said of the crosswalks which is a state-funded project.

She and Public Works Director John Hack did a walk-through and took photos of issues they found.

They gave their report to Dan Knorr, borough governmental affairs administrator, who gathered information and passed it along to Jim Wilson, executive director of the Danville Business Alliance.

A meeting was held with the contractor promising to take care of issues mentioned, she said.

One of the issues is painting yellow lines along curbs.

The contractor will do the work with the borough providing the paint, she said.

Knorr said issues included concerns about concrete splattering and some brick work not having the same pattern as others with the contractor planning to rectify that.

Hart said the contractor expects to complete the work by Oct. 11.

She said she will probably do another walk-through to make sure the work has been done.

The borough will receive final PennDOT inspections to verify the crosswalks comply with disability requirements, she said.

Stoner was concerned the borough was pushing something and the business alliance was pushing landlords who have to maintain the areas. He said it isn’t a landlord problem and the project was initially proposed by the business alliance.

“I ask you to walk down Mill Street. There are problems practically in every single block. I understand they don’t want to move light posts. They didn’t taper any areas that are sticking out. It’s gong to be terrible in wintertime,” he said.

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