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Montour County

June 4, 2014

Speeders beware: Danville police want to enforce with radar

DANVILLE — The Danville Police Department wants to be allowed to use radar to catch speeders.

All the tools of law enforcement available to the state police are also available to municipal police except using radar, according to Danville police.

The Danville Borough Council on Tuesday night adopted a resolution asking state Sen. John Gordner and state Rep. Kurt Masser to support Senate Bill 1340 and House Bill 1272 that would allow all municipal police to use the same motor vehicle speed-timing equipment as state police use.

Also calling upon the legislators to support the bills was Danville Mayor Bernie Swank.

Pennsylvania is the only state in the U.S. that gives its municipal police a law enforcement mandate and then prohibits them from using a common and effective piece of speed-timing equipment that the state police are allowed to use, according to Danville police.

According to the resolution, the inability of municipal police to use radar has resulted in uneven enforcement of the maximum speed laws across Pennsylvania and has contributed to Pennsylvania’s distinction as the state with the third-highest number of speed-related vehicle fatalities in the country and the second highest percentage of speed-related vehicle fatalities in the country.

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