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Montour County

July 1, 2014

Program focuses on parenting

— DANVILLE – A new parenting program for parents of Danville students is aiming to drop the number of referrals to Children and Youth services.

“It’s focusing on prevention. If we prevent the child abuse from even happening, there are less referrals to Children and Youth,” said Meghan Drumheller, a therapist at Psychological Services Clinic, which has offices in Danville, Sunbury and Bloomsburg. Drumheller.

The program is funded through Montour County’s Children and Youth services and will be implemented within the county and the Danville school district.

“It could be for families who need some parenting advice or families who might be in danger of losing their children to foster care,” she said.

The program is new to the county, with Drumheller receiving training for it earlier this month. There are not an unusual amount of referrals to Children and Youth services in Montour compared to neighboring counties, Drumheller said. The program is simply meant to be another resource to help prevent further referrals.

Union and Snyder counties already use such a program.

“They’ve been having a lot of success with it,” she said. “It’s just another support for them (parents) to help them with their children … It’s a very positive program, its not to be degrading to the parents.”

The Danville school district will be able to refer families to Drumheller and the Nurturing Parenting Program. Drumheller can then reach out to the families to see if they’re interested in her services.

Parents can choose to conduct the nurturing program at their home or at the Psychological Services Clinic on Bloom Road.

Families interested in the program will work with Drumheller to determine what parenting skills they want to improve.

“We come up with a ‘game plan’ to help them succeed,” she said. “All children are diff and all families will have different things they want to focus on.”

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